I am a fan of Severn Athletic Club (SAC) and I created a website to show my support and to inform people about its achievements. Severn Athletic has several sports programs for children. This website is meant to provide information about the club and to keep up with the competitions they take part in.

Why did I create this website?

I believe that physical activity is essential for a happy and healthy life which is why I decided to do my part in spreading this philosophy around. What better way to do that than to post about it online? Considering I am also a huge fan and supporter of this local club, I got the idea of promoting sports by informing people about Severn Athletic in the hope that their achievements will inspire people to sign their kids up.

You might wonder why choose this club and not a famous one, like let’s say F.C. Barcelona? Well, Barcelona and other similar sports clubs have thousands of fan made websites and millions of supporters. They don’t really need my help into making it known to the world.

Severn Athletic, on the other hand, is a small club that’s barely known locally. Besides, my purpose is to encourage people to play sports themselves and it seemed logical to give them an example of a club where they can sign up.

Another reason why I chose Severn Athletic is that they encompass a wide range of sports as opposed to being focused on a single one. They have teams for baseball, football, soccer, softball, and basketball as well as wrestling and athletics. Also, did I mention I’m a big fan?

What will you find here?

First of all, you will learn a bit about the club itself because its founders deserve at least a few words on my website. I will also talk about what sports are available at Severn Athletic and what you have to do to register. Each team has its own rules, so this varies from one sport to the other even though they are ultimately all part of SAC.

I also plan to keep you updated with the latest news and events regarding the club. What competitions they participate, where they take place, how you can buy tickets, and what results they obtain, you will find all this info on my website. I will talk about current and future events as they come.


I am told to be a quite organised and thorough person, but I’m only human. So, whenever you feel I left important things out or I could have presented the information in a better way, feel free to send your suggestions via email. The contact details are listed on the “Contact us” page. Still, I am telling you from the very beginning that this website is not meant to be a copy of the original and you won’t find every piece of information about the club here. For that, you should visit the official SAC website.