Severn Athletic June Practice Schedule

Are you still unsure about signing your child up for track & field training? If your child spends too much time playing sports games online instead of going out and being physically active, I suggest you go to a couple of practice sessions to see how they go. Even though with them playing online you might have learned how to bet on e-sports, hopefully, you will find out if track and field sports are the most suitable option for your kid. Here’s the schedule for June.

Next week, there are 2 practice sessions that start at 6:15 pm on June 13th and June 15th, respectively. If you go on Tuesday, the session takes place at the Meade Middle School and the meet up is near the tennis courts. Here’s the exact address of this school: 1103 26th Street, Fort Meade, MD 20755. The one on Thursday is held at the Meade High School running track on 1100 Clark Road, Fort Meade, MD. The athletes meet with the coach at 6:15 and the warm-ups will start 15 minutes later at 6:30.

The rest of the track and field practice sessions will be on June 20, 22, 27 and 29. All of them start at 6:15 pm and the locations are as follows: Meade Middle School on Tuesdays and Meade High School on Thursdays. You should probably attend the session for children who are your kid’s age because there’s a high chance the coaches differ.

Anyway, here are the 2 head coaches of the Highsteppers: Bruce and Olivia Hunter. They both have plenty of years of experience and a USATF Level 1 certification. Your child should be at least 7 years old to sign up. The upper age limit is set at 18.

A regular session takes one hour and a half but athletes are asked to be there 15 minutes earlier for the attendance check. One disadvantage is that all the sessions are at 6:15 pm, so if you and your partner both work at that time, you have to think of other transportation arrangements for your child.